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Nesquik packaging on shelf
Nesquik packaging on shelf


Nesquik Milkshake Powder​

Wake up your milk with the great taste of Nesquik®. Including chocolate, strawberry and banana flavours, there’s something for the whole family. ​

The nutritional goodness of semi-skimmed milk provides calcium needed for normal growth & development of bones in children, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.  

Ready To Drink

Nesquik® on the go

The great taste of Nesquik is now available in ready to drink cartons! Available in chocolate and strawberry, they are great for on the go or for pack lunches. The tetra packs and paper straws are recyclable too!

All Natural

Have you tried Nesquik® All Natural*? Our milkshake powder is made with 5 simple, natural ingredients that will make your milk even yummier! And thanks to its recyclable paper pouch, it will help you make more sustainable choices.​

Our Nesquik® All Natural* range now comes in ready to drink cartons, great for when you are on the go.​

*Made from natural ingredients​


Nesquik®  Cereals turn the milk chocolatey so that the Nesquik® chocolate taste can be experienced from the first bite to the last milk drop!

Hot Chocolate

Nesquik® wakes up your warm milk with a delicious cocoa taste. Available in our hot chocolate powder or in pods.

From the Fridge

Enjoy the great taste of Nesquik® in a smooth chocolate cream slice or chocolate pot, with Nesquik®  from the fridge!