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Delicious Nesquik® Choco Waves Cereal | Nesquik

Nesquik® Choco Waves Cereal

Our delicious Nesquik® Choco Waves make mornings fun with a delicious chocolatey taste that everyone will love. For an easy breakfast you can’t wait to get out of bed for, try our glorious wave-shaped cereals, made with the signature taste of Nesquik®. Yum!

Available sizes
Nesquik® Choco Waves Cereal
Nesquik® Choco Waves Cereal

Features and benefits:

  • Whole grain is the number 1 ingredient
  • Made with 7 vitamins
  • Source of Calcium and Iron
  • Suitable for vegetarians
Ingredients & Nutrition
Preparation tips

Enjoy with 125ml milk, a portion of fruit and a glass of water.

Or why not try one of our recipes from Nestle Cereals:

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The delicious taste of Nesquik® is available in a variety of flavours and formats. Discover all the ways you and your family can enjoy Nesquik®.

Fun ways to enjoy Nesquik®

Discover fun new ways to make tasty recipes with Nesquik® and get the kids involved for some hands-on fun.

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