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A Guide to getting outdoors



For 20 years I worked in the advertising game and then, on finding out I had a knack for finding the funny amongst the ridiculousness of parenting, switched to content creating full time. And so here we are! 

For the next few months, I’ve teamed up with Nesquik as a guest writer on their newsletter covering a variety of parenting related topics.  

Now my style of parenting will never make it into any parenting book. Mainly because I am not sure ‘winging it most of the time’ is even recognized as an actual parenting style. I’m not one for giving advice either. It never feels appropriate to give a ‘one size fits all’ manual when we all know each child is as gloriously unique and different as the next.  

What this will be, is a collection of musings and things I’ve learnt along the way that I want to share with you in case they are of any use. Embrace them, discount them, laugh at them, do with them what you will. The main thing, is after you’ve read this, you walk away feeling less alone in the madness of parenting…hopefully with a smile on your face. 

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Spring has sprung! 

I love Spring! It’s my favourite season. The birds are singing. The flowers are in bloom. The Sun finally remembers to make an appearance and the lighter nights make everything seem more hopeful…well except the discussions with your children over the fact that it is indeed bedtime, even though it’s still light out, but we’ll breeze past that one!  

One of the best things is that its finally time to get outside. After months of being cooped up in the house, listening to the moans and groans of boredom as the rain trickles down the windows, you can start to make plans to explore the great outdoors. 

For some, this will come with excitement, complete with visions of idyllic walks, making daisy chains and civilized picnics, with finger sandwiches and scones. 

For others, the mere thought of going out with the small people will bring on nervous sweats, parenting akin to crowd control, accompanied by continuous refusals to walk and moans of tired legs that can bring a grown woman to tears. 

Well I hear you. So after years of experiencing the good, the bad and the muddy, here is my guide to getting outdoors with your sanity intact.  

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A guide to getting outdoors with your sanity in tact: 

Getting out of the house is always the first hurdle. By the time you’ve packed eleventy billion bags, lost count of asking them to put their shoes on and repeated toilet trips, you start to wonder if it’s all worth it. 

Whilst I question that very thing pretty much everyday, in my experience it is, on balance, worth it (just ;) ) 

And it doesn’t have to be a hike or 10 mile ramble! Always a challenge with little legs. A stroll to the playground, run around the park or even a quick walk to the end of the street and back is enough to get that much needed fresh air and give everyone a chance to reset.  


Things to accept: 

For me, the trick to retaining your sanity is managing expectations, theirs as well as our own. If you can accept certain things are inevitable, you can be more prepared. For instance: 

  • Someone is going to need a wee 
  • There will be discussions about wearing a coat 
  • If you take the scooter, you will end up carrying it 
  • You will be asked to carry more sticks, stones and leaves than you feel is necessary 
  • Whatever snack you have brought will either be wrong or not enough 
  • Their legs will start hurting after less than five minutes of walking 


So let me expand on a couple of those points. 


The Stick of Wonderment 

It will never fail to amaze me just how many sticks, stones and other outdoor ‘treasures’ small people collect. 

Most of our walks were spent with me saying ‘put that down’ or ‘no mummy doesn’t have any more room in her pockets”. 

But over the years I’ve learnt to go with it. Whilst we see dirty sticks and muddy stones, they see magic wands, fairy boats and pirate treasure. A child’s imagination holds no bounds and half the fun of going on a walk with them is listening in wonder as they concoct some fanciful tale whilst running through muddy puddles, clutching the stick of wonderment or pet stone! 

Just don’t forget to check their pockets before you stick their clothes in the wash.  

To take or not to take the scooter…that is the question! 

Never did I foresee such a simple question bringing out such blind panic in so many parents. Let’s be honest, it can go either way. 

Here are your options:

  • Say no, cause a meltdown, take it anyway to make the noise stop, end up carrying it 
  • Say yes, with agreement that they have to ride it the whole time, end up carrying it 
  • Say yes, end up carrying it

So in conclusion, take it but expect for every 5 mins they ride it, you’ll be carrying it for 10 mins. 


Nesquik e-activity pack: 

And whatever you plan to do and wherever you plan to go, don’t forget to take your Nesquik Activity pack! 

It’s full of brilliant activities for you and your smalls to do together whether inside or out. There’s a spotter sheet for a mini beast hunt, how to make your own bird feeder, animal yoga, wordsearches and loads more. 

It’s completely free and all you need to do to get one is sign up to the Nesquik monthly newsletter and voila! Your very own entertainment pack! 

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Well that’s it from me for this month. To make sure you never miss out on my monthly witterings, don’t forget to subscribe to the Nesquik monthly newsletter. Next issue we’ll be chatting about Fathers Day and what they really want for their special day! 

Whatever you’re doing in the coming weeks, have a fabulous time! 

Love Kelly  

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