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What to get the man who has everything | Nesquik

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What do you get the man who has everything?


Before you know it, we’ll be knee deep in Summer Fetes, sports days and the kids will be breaking up from school with another year under their little belts. 

However, before we reach the summer holidays, we arrive at another important day in the parenting calendar, Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June.  

This is a time to celebrate the father figures in our lives, be that our dads, grandads, uncles, uncles that aren’t really uncles, godfathers, family friends…simply all the amazing men who make a difference our families. 

And as much as we may make jokes about their inability to find anything themselves, the length of time they take in the toilet and their terrible ‘dad’ jokes, we do love them and consider ourselves very lucky to have them in our lives. 

But what do you get that special man (or men) in your life to say thank you for all that they do? In all honestly, I always find it a tricky one. My other half always tells me not to get anything which, whilst a lovely gesture is, in truth, incredibly annoying and rather unhelpful! 

So if the men in your life are as just as forthcoming with ideas as mine and you’re in need of some gifting inspiration, I’ve compiled a few ideas below to inspire you. 


The many personalities of Dad! 

Now before we can start picking any gift, you first have to start by asking yourself the same questions: 

  • What do they like? 
  • What do they need/want? 
  • What are their interests? 

And in order to help answer these, I’ve created a ‘Dad’ Personality list…although by ‘Dad’ I am talking about all those Father Figures we hold so important. 

Now I am perfectly aware that everyone is not only unique, but also multifaceted. So this is not an exhaustive list and each of the wonderful men in our lives can most likely fit into several, if not all of the categories. It’s merely a fun guide to help steer you in the right direction, with the personalities written (for the most part) with my tongue firmly in my cheek! 

As for the gift ideas, they fall into two categories; Gifts to buy and Gifts to make, meaning the ideas can involve the kids as little or as much as you like and suit all purses! 


patella dish
The Foodie:

Loves to cook. Loves to eat. Simply enjoys his food in whatever form it comes. This is a man that enjoys spending time in the kitchen whipping up his very own dishes as much as he enjoys dining out. Food is his love language. 

Gifts to buy: Restaurant voucher, cheeseboard, cookery classes, food hamper, personalized apron or set of chefs’ knives. 

Gifts to make: Why not get the kids involved and cook him his favourite meal or simply breakfast in bed. As an alternative, grab your aprons and get your bake on, using one of the many brilliant and easy to follow recipes using Nesquik, a great activity for the kids. 

father boxing with daughter
The Sporty:

Whether its rugby, golf, football, cricket or cycling, this man loves his sport. Watching it or playing it, he is in his element. 

Gifts to buy: Merch from his favourite team, sports tickets, personalized coaster, sports bag, baseball cap or water bottle. 

Gifts to make: Host the very first Father’s Day Games, creating little sporting events that the whole family can enjoy from egg and spoon race, skipping, skittles and ‘tub pong’ (see who can get the most ping pong balls into an empty Nesquik tub). 


The DIY-er:

Can he fix it? Yes he can! Also build it, paint it and drill it. He loves nothing more than a project around the home, even if it takes him twice as long as he said it would! 

Gifts to buy: Personalised tool belt, homeware store voucher, toolbox, keychain, notebook to plan his next project or a first aid kid! 

Gifts to make: If he appreciates the effort that goes into making things, then anything homemade from the kids is going to be a hit. Handprint pictures, creating a paperweight by decorating one of the many rocks your kids collect or turning an empty Nesquik tub into a ‘Man tub’ where he can keep his things safe…like the keys he can never find! 

diver adventure
The Adventurer:

Staying indoors at the weekend is simply out of the question. No matter the weather, it’s time to pull on your trainers, grab your coats, outside to explore! 

Gifts to buy: Personalised map, all weather jacket, compass, hiking stick, thermos, s’mores kit or backpack. 

Gifts to make: Create a ‘tub of adventures’. Ask the kids what adventures they would like to go on and write them all down on little pieces of paper, folding them up and storing them in a jar or repurposed Nesquik tub. Then when it’s time for another adventure, get him to pick one from the tub and that’s your activity for the day. 

The Gardener:

If you can’t find him in the house, chances are he is either in the shed, garden or allotment. He was meant for the garden and has a real knack for all things green.  

Gifts to buy: Garden center voucher, gnome, personalized trowel or pruner, kneeling pad, bird feeder or a thermos mug. 

Gifts to make: Why not repurpose your Nesquik tub by decorating it and turning it into a plant pot, containing one of his favourite plants. 

And there you have it! I hope somewhere in here you’ve found a spark of inspiration for what on earth to get them on Father’s Day. 

If you want to be one of the first to read my Nesquik blog, don’t forget to subscribe to newsletter as next month I’ll be back taking a look ahead to the summer holidays and all they have in store for us…with maybe a little advice on traveling with little ones! 

Enjoy the sunshine (she says with fingers firmly crossed) and have a wonderful Father’s Day!  

Love Kelly x 

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